2017 Festival Registration

A completed registration must include a non-refundable registration deposit of $50 (USD) if registering by February 15, 2017 or $100 (USD) if registering after that date.

  • If you are a member of the chorus, a letter explaining your experience suffices. References are appreciated. Members of choruses-in residence need not submit letters of recommendation or audition materials.
  • If you are applying as a new orchestra member, please provide biographical information detailing your education and performance experience along with a performance sample (YouTube link, digital link, or mailed CD/DVD)
  • Those applying as piano performers must also submit the following materials to Jane Magrath by February 15, 2017 or before:
    • 15 minute or more performance sample (YouTube link, digital link, or mailed CD/DVD)
    • Brief summary which includes educational studies, teachers, and performance experience
    • List of literature studied
    • A letter of recommendation from current teacher (applicants under 22 years-old only). Electronic submissions to jmagrath@ou.edu are preferred. If you are submitting materials by mail, send them to: Jane Magrath, 2010 Trailpine Court, Norman, OK 73072.
  • Former enrollees do not need to send a letter of recommendation.

All performers are chosen in advance on the basis of their application materials and must be accepted for placement prior to their arrival in Europe.

You will be informed within two weeks of receipt of your application whether or not you have been accepted. If your application is not accepted, your deposit will be voided and returned. Upon acceptance, you will receive a letter or email confirmation along with a statement showing your balance due and payment schedule. All balances are due by June 1, 2017 and are non-refundable after that date except in case of a certifiable emergency explained in writing.