The Esterházy Princes established one of the foremost noble dynasties of Europe which has shaped European history for centuries. With its palaces and castles, Esterházy has become one of the cultural leaders in Burgenland and within Austria.

The Esterházy Private Foundation sees its task as restoring and preserving this important cultural heritage and making it accessible to the public. The Esterházy Princes established a tradition lasting more than four centuries, not only as magnanimous patrons and passionate art collectors, but also as excellent economists, thus shaping the image of the entire region. Esterházy still plays a key role today as patron, promoter and sponsor of the art and culture scene. The castles and palaces in Eisenstadt, Forchtenstein, Lackenbach, Landsee, Hungarian Fertöd and the St. Margarethen Roman quarry are among the best known Esterházy properties in the Pannonian region. They attract around 500,000 visitors every year and have become an integral part of the region's cultural life.

The Esterházy Private Foundation is both a modern commercial and cultural enterprise, in which tradition plays a major role. In addition to its cultural mission, its commercial operations include forestry and nature management, real estate and viticulture. Traditional sectors such as forestry and agriculture are run today according to modern and sustainable principles. Esterházy is for example the largest organic farming operation in Austria.

Dr. Stefan Ottrubay is the CEO of Esterházy.

The Masses of Joesph Haydn

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