Preliminary Schedule (subject to change)

Saturday, August 6 - Arrive in Vienna, capital of the Habsburg Empire and center of classical music. A Festival representative will meet flight arrivals for your transfer in air-conditioned buses to your hotel in Eisenstadt. Take time to unpack and enjoy a brief walk around this beautiful, small city. At 7:30 pm, a 30-minute house orientation meeting will be held at each hotel.

Sunday, August 7 - Begin with breakfast at your hotel. There will be morning rehearsals for chorus, orchestra, and soloists. While performers are in rehearsal, Observers will meet with festival staff to review the schedule before taking a walking tour of downtown Eisenstadt. Pianists will meet at the Joseph Haydn Konservatorium to review the schedule and attend the opening lecture delivered by Dr. Jane Magrath. After lunch, chorus, orchestra, and soloists will continue with rehearsals while pianists return to the Conservatory for two lectures given by piano faculty members, Jennifer Hayghe and Yeeseon Kwon. Observers are invited to attend any of the rehearsals or lectures, simply relax or explore Eisenstadt. At 6:00 pm, we will gather in the Haydnsaal of the Esterházy Palace for the festival's Opening Convocation and reception.

Monday, August 8 – The Conservatory will be open at 8:00 am for pianists to practice. Morning rehearsals will continue for chorus, orchestra, and soloists. Later in the morning, piano seminar attendees and Observers will tour tour the Esterházy Palace rooms of the Princess Apartments. At 11:00 am, everyone will meet in the Empiresaal of the Esterházy Palace, to attend an informative lecture on the Esterházy Family given by Dr. Walter Burian, former Director of the Haydn Conservatory. Immediately following the lecture, Prof. Holzschuh will have original manuscripts from the Esterházy archives of the Lord Nelson Mass available for viewing. After lunch, rehearsals will continue in the afternoon for the chorus, orchestra and soloists while piano seminar participants return to the Haydn Konservatorium for a master class led by Alan Chow. During tthe afternoon, Observers will tour the Melinda Esterházy exhibit at the Esterházy Palace. At 5:00 pm, everyone is invited to attend the Mayor's Reception at the Rathaus (City Hall), welcoming festival participants to Eisenstadt with some light refreshments. The evening is open for relaxing, chamber music rehearsals, or practicing.

Tuesday, August 9 -. The chorus, orchestra, and soloists will continue with morning and afternoon rehearsals. Piano seminar participants will be at the Haydn Konservatorium for a morning master class led by Jane Magrath followed by a Q&A with Alan Chow. In the afternoon, a second piano master class is scheduled and led by Jennifer Hayghe. While the chorus, orchestra and soloists are in morning rehearsals, Observers will tour the ancient Judengasse to view exhibitions from the Jewish museum, the synagogue belonging to the Palais Wertheimer, and the Jewish cemeteries. In the afternoon, Observers and piano seminar participants are invited to a wine tasting seminar at Eva Wagner’s Weinhaus where you will have an opportunity to learn about the wine-growing process in Austria and sample some local wines. The evening is open to do as you wish.

Wednesday, August 10 – The Festival Chorus and orchestra will perform a concert at the 11:00 am matinee which is part of the Esterházy Classic matinee series in the Haydnsaal at the Esterházy Palace. All festival participants are invited to attend. Prior to the performance, the orchestra will have a short brush-up rehearsal and the chorus will meet for a brief warm-up. For pianists, there will be two master classes offered that day -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon taught by Alan Chow and Jennifer Hayghe. Following the afternoon master class, is a Teacher’s Roundtable. Chorus members will have a short afternoon rehearsal for the Lord Nelson Mass in preparation for the first performance of the mass on Saturday evening. Wednesday evening you will want to join us for a chamber music performance in the Haydnsaal featuring festival musicians.

Thursday, August 11 -. This is a free day which you can use for relaxing, to do some exploring on your own or you may want to join one of the optional tours offered that day. Optional tour destinations are still being finalized and information should be available by February 1.

Friday, August 12 – Piano seminar participants will depart in the morning for Wiener-Neustadt to tour the Bösendorfer factory, returning to Eisenstadt by 12:00. Chorus, orchestra and soloists will rehearse in the morning at Haus der Begegnung and the Bergkirche. Observers will have an opportunity to tour the Bergkirche and Stations of the Cross during this time. Following the morning rehearsal, chorus and orchestra members will be able to tour the Esterhazy Palace rooms of the Princess Apartments. In the evening, there will be a chamber music concert in the Haydn Conservatory featuring a number of our festival musicians. For those who want to enjoy an evening of opera in nearby St. Margarethen featuring a performance of Verdi’s Nabucco, you may want to sign up for the optional tour being offered which includes transportation, backstage tour, and opera ticket. A bus will pick you up at your hotel and festival personnel will accompany you to the opera.

Saturday, August 13 - There will be a morning rehearsal for the chorus, orchestra and soloists at the Haydn Conservatory while Observers and pianists will have a guided tour of Haydn's house in Eisenstadt. Following the morning rehearsal and Haydn house tour, there will be a lecture in the Haydn Conservatory about Haydn: An Original given by Dr. Walter Reicher, President of the Haydn Foundation. Following lunch, pianists will return to the Haydn Conservatory for the afternoon for a lecture given by Jane Magrath and a Teachers Roundtable. Late afternoon, festival participants will travel a short distance by bus to Mattersburg, where the festival orchestra, chorus, and soloists will perform Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass at the parish church as a part of the Saturday evening mass. Following the mass, we will be guests for dinner at a country inn in the quaint village of Pöttelsdorf.

Sunday, August 14 - In the morning we will perform Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass at the Bergkirche, the Esterhazy's church where Haydn's last six masses and Beethoven's Mass in C Major were first performed and where Haydn is now buried. Following the service, we will be guests of the church at a reception in the building where Haydn and the other Esterházy musicians lived. The afternoon is open to do as you wish. In the evening, you will want to attend the final piano recital, given by piano seminar performers in the Empiresaal of the Esterházy Palace

Monday, August 15 - Buses take us to Vienna's historic St. Stephen's Cathedral for a performance of Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass as a part of the Sunday morning liturgical mass. This mass celebrates the holy day of Maria Himmelsfahrt Festgottesdienst (Ascension of Mary). The afternoon is free in Vienna for sightseeing on your own or as part of a tour at the Vienna Opera House. There is also a faculty piano recital at the Mozarthaus featuring piano faculty artist, Jennifer Hayghe and Alan Chow. Late afternoon buses return to Eisenstadt, with a short stop at Zentralfriedhof and Composer's Corner. The evening is free to do as you like, including packing.

Tuesday, August 16 - Begin Festival bus transfers to Vienna International Airport for return flights home. Several buses will be scheduled throughout the morning to get participants to the airport a couple of hours prior to your flight departure.

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